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SMS Phishing Scam

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Bankstown City Unity Bank has been made aware of a current SMS phishing campaign targeting Members.

The scam involves an SMS being sent to cardholders in an attempt to have Members provide their personal information.

The SMS states that your Credit Card has fraudulent transactions and directs you to a mobile telephone number or a link which requires you to provide or upload your personal details. 

The scammers are not identifying the ‘financial institution’ within the SMS.

Do not click on the link.

Bankstown City Unity Bank will never ask you to confirm, update or disclose personal or banking information via a link in an email, SMS or online.

Bankstown City Unity Bank will always identify itself and only send you an SMS to confirm your card transactions by requesting that you contact us directly.  The following is an example of our SMS:

“Please contact Card Monitoring on 1300 705 750 / +61 2 8299 9534, option 3, to confirm card transactions. Do not reply. Bankstown City Unity Bank”

If you have received or responded to this type of text message, or have clicked on the link or entered your personal information, please contact us on 1300 65 4477 immediately.