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Protect yourself from scams

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Renewed COVID-19 restrictions in NSW, and around Australia, are causing people to feel uncertain, distressed and anxious – an ideal situation for scammers.

Lockdowns in 2020 saw a spike in scams, and the Australian Financial Review (AFR) reports that phone scams have almost tripled since this time last year. One scam detailed in the AFR’s report shows how scammers access individuals’ computers by persuading them to download software. ‘Remote access’ scams typically involve a caller or email sender claiming to be from a large reputable technology company such as Telstra, Apple or Google. This false credibility helps them manipulate their victims into complying with requests.

Other common scams during Covid relate to:

  • Superannuation: These scammers offer to help you withdraw or access your super funds early, but redirect the money into their own account.
  • Vaccinations: Someone pretends to register you for a COVID-19 vaccination and asks you to hand over personal information or a waitlist fee.
  • Online shopping: Scammers have set up fake online stores for COVID-19 products, such as face masks, cures or vaccinations. Always make sure the online stores you’re using are secure and credible.

An estimated $7.2 million has been stolen through scams already this year, so protecting yourself is more important than ever.

Here are three key tips to help you stay safe from scammers:

  • Only open emails and answer calls from senders you know and trust.
  • Do not give out any personal details, including bank details, over the phone unless you made the call to a trusted recipient.
  • Never put your bank details in writing, especially in the form of an email.]

At Unity Bank, we put our Members first, always. If you have any questions about scam awareness or need advice, visit our scam awareness page or contact us immediately.


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