Charity Support


Charity Support


Youth Off The Streets – Bankstown Outreach Program

This program aims to grow and develop the skillsets of the youth in the community through the establishment of a Youth Initiative Team; a leadership program for the young people of the Bankstown Community. The leadership program works with the local youth to plan and deliver events in the community, a process which upskills the participants in leadership skills including: project management, event management, budgeting, community engagement and leadership. If you would like to find out more visit:

The Cure Starts Now Incorporation

The Bank is a proud supporter of The Cure Starts Now research into paediatric cancer. All money raised by The Cure Starts Now is channeled toward new, cutting edge Australian research.


Hunterlink Recovery Services

The Bank is proud to sponsor this joint initiative of the MUA and the CFMEU Mining and Energy Division. Hunterlink Recovery Services support local residents with mental health issues and with the transition from substance abuse rehabilitation back to workplace and community life. They provide flexible and comprehensive programs that deliver effective interventions specific to individual needs.
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Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia

The Bank supports this community based group founded by Trade Unions, victims, families of victims, and concerned citizens to meet the needs of people affected by asbestos related disease. The Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia work to provide support to people living with asbestos related diseases, family members, carers and friends.
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