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Happy New Year

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Start 2018 working out your financial goals for the year ahead. You might choose to set up a budget, buy a car, save for a house or start investing. For many people saving money can be challenging, there are always unexpected costs in everyday life. Sometimes small changes to your spending habits can make a big difference to your bank balance. Here are a few useful tips to help you save money: 

 Set up a Budget  

  • Set up a monthly budget and stick to it all year long
  • Reduce your spending where you can each month

Reduce your Debt

  • Work out a plan to reduce your debt in 2018
  • Reduce unnecessary spending
  • Sell items which can help to pay of your debt

Begin to Save

  • Set up a savings goal. Open a bonus saver account and get rewarded by regulary depositing funds into it
  • Save on utilities and bills 
  • Take your own lunch to work as oppose to eating out
  • Have a goal in mind for example: Buying a house, Investing in shares or saving up for that dream holiday